What to expect with this lowering option.

The major difference between this lowering option and the other two is airride vs. non-airride. With this lowering option, the truck is lowered to the ride height of choice and it stays there. With airride you can raise and lower the truck on-demand. This is a great way to get your truck to have that popular aggresive stance for a much more bank friendly budget. Below we will list the expected modifications with this option.

***All of these points are directly related to a 63-66 C10. Other trucks and models may vary significantly. But the general rules apply.

  • To lower the rear of the truck, drops springs, drop blocks or a combination of the two will determine how low the truck goes before it bottoms out. A mini-notch can also be used in this case and is sometimes suggested depending on how low you are trying to go.
  • To lower the front of the truck, drop springs, drop spindles or a combination of them both will allow the truck to drop to the desired ride height. Similarly to the airride options, depending on how low you are trying to go - other modifcations may be needed with the inner fenders to accomodate how low you want to go. With static, when it's down, it's down. Speedbumps become something you look out for all the time!
  • Depending on how low you want your static drop ride height to be would determine if you need exhaust, driveshaft, crossmember or bed depth modifications.

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