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AirSafe™ Kit Long Bump Stops

AirSafe™ Kit Long Bump Stops

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If you have purchased the AirSafe™ Emergency Support Kit and are planning to keep the modular bump stops on hand instead of installed on the vehicle, or just need a longer set for your application - then these longer bump stops will come in handy. In an unexpected air out event, you can jack your vehicle up and install these and let the suspension back down and they will keep it elevated to drive, at a higher height than the drive-in option.

This innovative quick removal and installation bump stop is crafted from forged 1040 steel, which ensures durability and reliability in even the most demanding situations, when needed.

If you are looking for the complete AirSafe™ Kit, search or click on this part number, 6387-C10-ASK-FL

***The AirSafe™ Kit is currently made for the front only and may not provide full support in a full system failure event.

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