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63-87 C10 AirSafe Emergency Support Kit™ for Air Ride Suspensions

63-87 C10 AirSafe Emergency Support Kit™ for Air Ride Suspensions

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*Fits 1963 - 1987 C10 trucks front suspension, with factory lower control-arms and cut inner fenders, specifically. It will also work with some tubular control arm configurations with factory crossmember, with light fabrication.

**Currently the AirSafe™ kit is fabricated at the time of order and could take up to 7 to 10 business days to process and ship depending on volume of orders.

Introducing the AirSafe Emergency Support Kit™, the ultimate solution for C10 trucks equipped with air ride suspensions. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this kit serves as a vital lifeline for air ride systems, ensuring peace of mind during longer journeys and unexpected roadside situations.

The primary function of the AirSafe™ kit is to maintain your truck's ride height, preventing it from grounding out during trips and providing a fail-safe mechanism to keep the vehicle elevated at a minimum height should the air system air out unexpectedly. This critical feature can keep your expensive truck components from being damaged. It also allows tow vehicles to hook onto the truck, or enables it to be safely maneuvered at slow speeds to a more secure location for repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring safety on the road.

One of the standout features of the AirSafe™ kit is its innovative quick removal and installation bump stop. Crafted from forged 1040 steel, this bump stop ensures durability and reliability in even the most demanding situations, when needed. If you have a jack with you that can get under your truck in an air out event, you can also carry these or the longer AirSafe™ Modular Bump Stops (Part#6387-C10-ASK-LBS) in the cab and put them in to keep the front of the truck elevatedif you don't want to drive with them in. Our suggestion would be to use the longer bumps for local driving and put the bumps with the kit in on longer tours or longer drives, then pull it out at the show or when you get home.

With its robust construction, including a 1/4" steel bracket that easily mounts under your existing upper bag mount, the AirSafe Emergency Support Kit™ is built to withstand the weight of your truck in the event something goes wrong. Don't let unexpected setbacks leave you in a potentially much more difficult situation—equip your C10 truck with the AirSafe Emergency Support Kit™ and travel with confidence when you are cruising to the next truck show or just cruising around.

The AirSafe™ Kit includes:

  • 1/4" Steel Bracket designed to fit varying bolt positions
  • Quick remove Forged 1040 steel bump stop with rubber bottom cushion
  • 2 - Durable Cotter Pins
  • 4 - Grade 8 1-1/2" Hex bolts
  • Installation Instructions

If you are looking to keep the Modular Bump stops in the cab to use if something happens, select Long in the dropdown above.

***The AirSafe™ Kit is currently made for the front only and may not provide full support in a full system failure event.

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