What to expect with this lowering option.

There are a few things about getting your truck this low using this method that you should be aware of. The purpose of the SIMPLE.C10 drop is to utilize the trucks original frame and components as much as possible to keep costs lower and keep the build more, well... Simple. As with any build, there are additional parts that can be added to curb some of the issues associated with getting a truck this low. In the list below we will explain where additional parts can help alleviate those issus. We will also note where cost savings can occur.

***All of these points are directly related to a 63-66 C10. Other trucks and models may vary significantly. But the general rules apply.

  • To get the back low, a monster C-Notch and blocks are needed to allow the rearend to tuck up into the frame. This requires the bed floor to be raised to clear the notch. Original wood bed floor cannot be re-used.
  • The compressor, airtank and air management system will be installed in a compartment under the raised bed floor, or on the framerail just in front of the rear tires.
  • We must have the driveshaft shortened and the center crossmember modified to clear the driveshaft when it is laid out.
  • To get the front down as low as it can go with factory components the lower A-arms must be cupped to allow an additional 2 inches of drop. In addtion to that a 2.5 inch drop spindle is used to get it down and keep the steering geometry in-line. (If your truck is already equipped with front disc brakes this will lower the overal cost of the build some.)
  • Due to the front being dropped this low, the trucks inner fenders need to be modified. The easiest solution is to cut out the inner fender just enough to have the tire clear. Two things happen here - one, the tire is exposed under the hood so dirt and debris can get into the engine bay, although, this is usually not a major problem unless you plan to drive it when it's wet out. Two, this requires cutting off the factory springs used on the hood hinges which makes the hood heavy to open and must be proped with a rod (provided with the build). For an addtional parts and labor fee, custom inner fenders can be installed and there are kits with shocks that can be installed to help assist with lifting the hood.
  • In order to lay this low the exhaust system also has to be modified to make sure it is not below the frame rail.
  • With the Airlift 3P Management System we install, there will be a small controller in the seat of the truck. This can be located anywhere based on your preference.

Shop Rate

Our shop rate is $95 per hour invoiced weekly, plus parts and materials. The prices displayed on the site are estimates with a set amount of hours determined. Due to the nature of working on classic vehicles, it is not possible to fully know how many hours will be needed. If a project goes beyond the estimated hourly rate in the price estimate, any additonal hours would be billed at the $95 per hour rate until the project is complete.

A signed service agreement and a deposit to cover cost of parts and materials will be required before work begins.

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